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UKNA Email Addresses

If you are a part of the Service structure, we can provide you with an email address ending in Please contact the coordinator at [email protected]

You can have a mailbox, where you can keep the emails (to pass on to your successor) and visit online like a Gmail or Hotmail account, by logging in at*

* or set up your software to collect for you. if you do this the settings for SENDING email is the same log in details, but change the SMTP to 

IMPORTANT: Email Server Changes

Please note the following information from the Website Administrator of

We are transferring over to a new server between Thursday 19th March 2020 and Sunday 22nd March 2020

ALL email addresses are being transferred over AND each email account will need to be reactivated by the respective user(s) responding to this email via the following link:  

Accounts access will be suspended during the time and only those that respond via the above link will be reactivated.

The new email server does not allow accessing emails via POP or allow automatic forwarding of emails to non email addresses.
Passwords should remain the same. If you need to reset your password use the following link:  

This instruction is essential for the smooth transfer over to the new server so it's imperative you reactivate your email account to continue using your respective mailbox.
There is a how-to guide for the new email server at:  

Please email the Email Coordinator at [email protected] if you have any questions

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